Outdoor Lights – Keep your Guests Mesmerized

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Brightening up an outdoor space with lighting is a beautiful way to showcase how much lighting can change the look of a space. If you always maintain a beautiful décor in your home which your guests cannot stop talking about, then your outer yard is just an extension and you need to take some effort to make it look amazing too. It is sometimes saddening to see how much time and effort house owners tend to put on gardening and lawns but fail to understand the concept of lighting totally. This makes their front yard look gorgeous in natural bright day light and extremely dull during dark hours.

If you have particularly designed your lawn with beautiful flower buds and plants that accentuate the beautiful landscape, then all you need to make it look more radiant after sunset is shed some amount on outdoor lights. Certain things when you keep in mind when doing your outdoor lighting will help –

Plan according your landscape

You need to consider about how much space you have outdoor and how much you want to light up. Each family spends some amount of time outdoors and that time could be considered one deciding factor in how much you want to light up the space. If you are a family spending a lot of time on the deck every day, then you probably need a bit of more lighting on the garden for cooking and dinner.

If you are a family who prefers entertaining in your patio or open lawn, then you definitely need to invest on lights that will create an impact on the audience.
If you are a front yard person, do not forget how lighting it up could lift your mood completely. Even though there is a party on your back yard, your front yard is what welcomes you and needs lighting to mesmerize your guests.

Learn the fundamentals of outdoor Lighting

It is important to back and forth until you are sure about how you want the front and back yards of yours to look. Keep reviewing the space you have and how efficiently and differently you would want to light up the places. This could take a while to plan but would help a lot when  you are buying the light fixtures and make that phase easier for you. When you plan ahead on how much lighting you want in a particular space, shopping the fixtures and lights for that space is almost decided and you have clarity.

Keep in mind the areas you would want to specially concentrate. Certain areas might get unnoticed so it is important to make a checklist to ensure you have covered every bit of space in your front and back yards including the patio and porch. Certain areas you might want to highlight could be –

  • Security area
  • Developed gardens,
  • Shrubs and trees and plants,
  • Driveways
  • Pathways, sidewalks
  • Steps and stairs

When you have covered most of the areas and decided on the amount of lighting, you could easily decide upon the type of fixtures you would prefer.
Buy what will accentuate your space

It is easy to get carried away and buy similar sets of fixtures and lights that your neighbor have or the one you have admired by the look of it or the one your old aunt always thought will look wonderful in your porch. What you need to analyze is how the lighting will look in your personal space. Visualization before you decide on a product will be a great way to see how much you like it.

For instance the solar ground lamps that many of your neighbors have on the floor might not be the one that will suit your garden. Or the stripe led lights that your colleague has on her staircase to terrace will not accentuate your architecture. Hence it is important to work out a plan on what will look good in the amount of space you have and what type of lights will go with the way you have planned or planning to design your garden. These could be one time investments and hence need to be pondered over and then a decision be made.